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Project 1 V6 4x4 Mini WKK217X

Project 2 V6 24v Cosworth Mini


Ever felt that your company needs a dynamic impact to grab the imagination of clients in those important meetings. Do you want to have photos and articles with your companies logos on that advertising medium that is unique?

Well, look no further!

We can discuss a range of packages and opportunities that your company can use to revive the impact in getting your product over to your prospective clients.

They include:-

Written updates with photos on the events as they are attended in project 1.
Written updates with photos on the current build status of project 2.  Ideal  for the reception area!
Test and track days that you and a selected number of clients can experience a passengers view of racing tracks including Goodwood Circuit, at over 130mph!
Company Events or Presentation attended.
The ability to Wow! your clients.

If you question the impact of the cars ability to capture the imagination of your clients, tell them about the projects and see what they say !